Welcome to Wellbeing


Wellbeing is an inseparable result of how we live, how we engage and how we connect to our communities and the health of our society and our environment.

HOF works to promote wellbeing and to distil and apply best well-being practice with individuals, communities and organisations.

Our intention is to learn from, cultivate and develop innovative, replicable models that might inspire others to develop well-being in their own communities and networks.

By applying, promoting and sharing wellbeing practice, experience and information we intend to impact the wellbeing of our own and other communities, in doing so we also hope to support policy makers in using well-being as a significant measure of prosperity.

Through our well being platform we invite you to learn more about well-being and build your own knowledge for a better understanding of the many issues which surround emanate from it.

Wellbeing - Helping our future 2015